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Route Reports

August 17, 2023

At Route Reports, our goal is to simplify how highway networks are managed and maintained. To do this, our team have developed cutting-edge devices that leverage AI to inform highway maintenance teams and create safer travel conditions for all.

This blog introduces you to one of our most popular features, Route View. 

Route View

Inspecting road networks is traditionally a process filled with cumbersome, time-consuming activities that can often put inspectors in danger.

By integrating our devices into any vehicle, which automatically captures and identifies the condition of your roads, we allow you to review entire road networks right from your office.

Drop into any part of your network

Route Reports isn't just about collecting images; it's about making images work for you.

One of our most powerful features is the ability to reference resident enquiries and complaints without hanging up the phone. Simply search the road in question, and view its condition within seconds.

All historical data is saved and can be used to evaluate repair work, contractor work, or identify rates of degradation.

Compare historical images of any highway segment

How does it work?

  1. Devices are installed onto any vehicle, turning every trip into a road inspection. Whether it's a city bus, a delivery truck, or a maintenance vehicle.
  2. Devices record road conditions autonomously - requiring no human intervention to start or start the operations.
  3. Images are uploaded to your dashboard in real-time, and defects are identified along the route.
  4. Grab a coffee, and seamlessly explore your network with the click of a button.

Turn your vehicles into powerful data collectors

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