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Operational Intelligence

Route Reports delivers specialised transport infrastructure monitoring solutions. Using easy to fit sensors and cameras, Route Reports can gather data to create a real-time 'digital twin' of transport infrastructure to inform maintenance and operational decisions. By analysing this data and aggregating it with other datasets, Route Reports' solution makes predictions that can improve user operational efficiency and notify users of cost-saving opportunities.

Real-time road defect identification and measurement


The Route Reports Road Monitoring Platform is helping local authorities across the UK save money by identifying and measuring road defects in real-time through the use of computer vision and onboard sensors. Dozens of vehicles across the UK have been fitted with Route Reports hardware. With the data being gathered by these vehicles, Route Reports can predict the growth of road defects, warning local authorities when roads will need repair ahead of time.

Railway analytics


Route Reports' easy to fit and integrate solutions combined with extensive experience digitising transport data deliver products unparalleled in performance and ease of use. Route Reports can rapidly deploy solutions to deliver track level accuracy and data in near real-time. Route Reports' rail solutions can monitor vehicle operations, infrastructure condition, measure delays, help identify delay causes, and more.

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