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Seasonal Intelligence Platform

Discover how Route Reports improved operational efficiencies for Network Rail and Porterbrook, by monitoring network adhesion and seasonal treatment strategies.
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Real-time low adhesion mapping

Our rail products allow transport bodies and rail operators to know exactly where, when and why an adhesion event has occurred.

This data is then amplified when entire networks of trains send data into the platform - allowing decisions to be made with the whole network in mind.

The platform can also identify issues with specific trains, allowing fixes to be actioned sooner.

Lost Time in Section

Our product provides information on which low adhesion sites affect performance and to what extent. To do this, we use vehicle GPS data to develop an on-time model for all track segments.

These models are used to track where trains are losing time, and compares them to mapped low-adhesion areas identifying "lost time" due to low adhesion.

Comprehensive treatment train monitoring

Our product provides information on where trains are and have been, which track sections were treated or not, and the speed of travel during the treatment. 

This data is passed from our devices every second, allowing for real-time tracking of fleet positions and the treatment status of all track sections. 

Precise localisation

Our proprietary train location algorithm ensures all of our reporting is accurate to specific individual track segments. 

This algorithm also matches relevant information to individual track segments such as ELR, mileage, AssetID, Track Codes, and Line of Route - enabling easy communication between transport bodies.

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