Benefits of AI in Highway Maintenance

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May 2, 2023

AI has rapidly evolved over the past few years with the likes of ChatGPT and Google’s Bard dominating headlines recently. Despite AI’s exponential growth, highway maintenance teams have struggled to adopt this game-changing technology to assist with keeping highways in the best conditions possible.

Implementing AI into your maintenance process could be done in multiple ways. Regardless of your approach, AI technologies such as computer vision enable you to:

  • Proactively plan maintenance
  • Create a real-time view of network conditions
  • Virtually re-inspect your network
  • Identify high-risk areas
  • Optimise budgets

Real-time condition monitoring

By utilising vehicles that frequently travel through your highway network, such as waste management vehicles and busses, maintenance teams can autonomously generate up-to-date views of asset conditions.

This is done by installing cameras onto vehicles utilising advanced computer vision models to detect defects, line condition, sign condition and street furniture.

Data is automatically processed and uploaded to the cloud - allowing maintenance teams to act on issues immediately without waiting for manual inspections to take place

Virtual re-inspections

With your frequently updated asset inventory, you can reference any road at anytime - past or present.

This flexibility enables you to reference the quality of work maintenance teams or contractors have done, and gives you peace of mind when ensuring your community that their highway network has improved for the better.

Proactive highway maintenance

Proactive maintenance invites a world where potholes are repaired before they become hazardous. Using computer vision and real-time condition monitoring, maintenance teams can detect not only the biggest defects but the fastest-growing ones. Allowing you to target high-risk areas before they cause any harm to road users.

The benefits of proactive maintenance are endless. It allows you to stretch your budgets as road repair costs drop by 39%, and road lifespans increase from 20 years to 40.

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