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Enable proactive maintenance

Through early defect detection, Route Reports enables you to proactively plan your highway maintenance.

Maintenance plans can then adapt to abrupt changes caused by severe weather conditions.

Real-time asset monitoring

Create a real-time view of asset conditions across your network.

Route Reports can detect:

  • Surface defects (eg. potholes)
  • Sign condition
  • Line condition

Automated inspection processes

By using vehicles that regularly traverse your network, inspections become an effortless ongoing task.

Asset condition data is uploaded automatically during inspections - giving you instant access to your data.

Virtual re-inspections

We create a digital route view allowing you to re-inspect your network without re-visiting the site.

All historical data is accessible, allowing you to reference asset conditions from any point in time.

Installed onto any vehicle

Route Reports devices are small and easily installed onto any vehicle.

Instillation takes 30 minutes, and updates happen autonomously over the cloud.

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