Advanced road monitoring

Bringing modern efficiency to highway inspection processes
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road monitoring

Bringing modern efficiency to
infrastructure inspection processes

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Defect & crack detection and analysis

Using a combination of computer vision and sensor data from our devices, we are able to measure highway defect length, width, and depth. Our solution can also predict defect growth using computer vision and machine learning analyses.

Our computer vision algorithms also identify cracks in highway surfaces, allowing us to inform local authorities of the percentage of routes containing cracking.

Lines, signs & street furniture detection

By using Route Report’s advanced computer vision model, we can detect:
  • Faded white lines and road markings
  • Occluded, dirty, or vandalised signs
  • The condition of street furniture
Computer vision model in action

Digital route view

Our Route View is a digital recreation of previously monitored roads.

This tool allows users to select specific inspection routes and travel through them virtually, allowing you to reinspect routes without driving to specific locations.

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