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Optimal Highway Maintenance

Discover the optimal approach to overcoming manual, costly and reactive highway maintenance processes.
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Providing intelligence for:

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Data driven insights delivered through:

Data collection
We collect data through our easily installed devices or pre-existing hardware connected to your vehicles.
Expert analysis
Utilising machine learning on the cloud and our devices, we are able to analyse data in real-time.
Real-time insights
Insights are delivered to our clients through a highly intuitive web-based dashboard, in real-time.

Road analytics

Real-time defect identification and measurement

Our products optimise road maintenance through the use of easily installed hardware, computer vision and onboard sensors.

Our road products can:

  • Enable continuous road monitoring
  • Identify when roads need repair ahead of time
  • Visualise entire network condition in a single interface
  • Predict the deterioration of road defects, markings and signage
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Rail analytics

Real-time vehicle & infrastructure monitoring

Route Reports can rapidly deploy products to deliver track level accuracy and data in real-time.

Our rail products can:

  • Obtain accurate position & speed
  • Monitor infrastructure condition
  • Monitor vehicle operations
  • Identify delay causes
  • Measure delays
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