Predictive analytics for transport providers

Company overview

Route Reports is born out of the need for next-generation data analytics solutions in the transport and infrastructure industries. We tackle the problems caused by legacy systems, complex operating environments, and evolving user needs.

Route Reports brings groundbreaking technology to these industries by creating solutions which are simple to implement and use. Our platform consists of two elements: The Route Reporter, our custom Internet of Things device, and Route Reports Insights, our Machine Learning system.


Our Hardware

The Route Reporter easily fits into any train, bus, or van. It comes packed with over 20 sensors, as well as the computational power required to analyse CCTV feeds in real-time. The Route Reporter connects to our Cloud Platform via 4G and streams over 400 data points per second.

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Our Software 

Route Reports Insights is our tailor-made Machine Learning system, built from the ground up to serve the stringent needs of our customers. Insights analyses data gathered with Route Reporters to provide end-to-end solutions, which can be accessed via dashboards or integrated with our API. 

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