Our Company

Route Reports serves transport and infrastructure organizations across the globe, providing innovative solutions for improving customer experience and reducing operating costs.

In everything we build, we follow the Route Reports way, with powerful simplicity. We disrupt the status-quo by offering hardware and software solutions that are unthinkably easy to install, implement, and use. Where a traditional solution may take years to be rolled out across a fleet, Route Reports can be up and running in weeks.

Our main office is in the heart of central London, the home of some of our biggest customers. Our office in Berkeley, California serves our US customers – conveniently positioned right by the innovation powerhouse that is Silicon Valley.

Our History

Route Reports started in 2016 in Northern Ireland. Our first solution was developed to address an operational challenge posed by a local bus company. Traditional solutions were far too expensive, complex, and outdated. Route Reports provided a custom, easy to deploy IoT sensor that fed data to an actionable dashboard. Within a month the solution was operational, and the rest was history. That one use-case has now turned into 10+ use-cases powered by a variety of IoT and AI solutions, addressing our customers' biggest challenges.

Our Team

We are engineers and operators with extensive experience designing and deploying solutions for transport and infrastructure. Our team has deployed fundamental technology that is still in use on most rail services today, as well as being first to market with numerous Machine Learning tools for transport. 

Our focus is on creating elegant, simple, and powerful electronics and analytics solutions tailored to the particular needs and challenges that our customers face. Are you interested in joining us? Get in touch!